Starbucks® Coffee: New Design. The same beloved coffee. Now at your home.

Time rushes forward rapidly, the pace of life is getting faster. We need the opportunity to pause everything, listen to ourselves. To brew a cup of your favorite Starbucks coffee at home – that daily ritual that allows you to stop and focus on the process and sensations.

Whatever option for making the drink you choose-brew coffee in a jacket or in a fashionable purple, in a geyser coffee maker or in a multifunctional coffee machine, one will remain unchanged: the very beautiful taste of the favorite Starbucks coffee at your house.

Starbucks is being improved day a day to inspire its customers, and represents an updated design of all your favorite coffee brands that are already available for purchase in stores and online. The new design emphasizes the unique story of each Starbucks benefit and helps to choose your favorite taste.

A collection of home -made coffee Starbucks, which can now be bought in stores, includes branded blends in three types of frying – light, medium and dark. The design of each package is inspired by a rich history and unique aromas of coffee, characteristic of the regions of the origin of coffee beans:

Ground coffee Starbucks House Blend medium frying – personifies the beginning of Starbucks, the very first blade of 1971. To emphasize the capacity of the blend and his rich taste with notes of fried nuts and cocoa beans, the emphasis in the packaging design was made on a corporate image of a siren and coffee tree. The creators of this innovative design left a small mystery to lovers of coffee: the symbolic number “1971” is “hidden” in the design of the packaging, which only the most attentive fans of Starbucks can find.

Ground coffee Starbucks Voranda Blend Light frying is a blend with a rich aroma and a pleasant soft aftertaste. It is often that farmers from Latin America choose it, where this coffee is grown. Just imagine: sit on a veranda with a cup of your favorite drink and admire the luxurious beauty of coffee trees, the endless rows of which go far beyond the horizon. The packaging depicts hummingbirds – as lively and bright as the taste of this blend.

Coffee in Starbucks Dark Espresso Roast Dark frying – this blend with intense caramel taste is the basis of all Starbucks drinks, which are served in coffee houses. The packaging design emphasizes the rich taste of black coffee through dark, energetic colors, graphic lines and smooth, like “melting” bends.

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